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Wanna Keep Swinging? Start Healthy Eating!

As we age, eating a well balanced diet is essential in keeping both the body and mind active and strong. While this has been encouraged throughout our lives, now is the most vital time to follow through if we want to gain, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to note that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated nor does it have to be expensive. Eating a variety of foods from the right food groups can help you achieve your goal without it being constricting, expensive or difficult.

1. Be nutrient-aware

Fill your plate with food that contain the nutrients that your body needs to stay strong and healthy. While some of us might need more nutrients than others depending on doctor's recommendation, it is important to realize that a healthy, fulfilling meal will include all of the following :

  • Lean protein (lean meats, seafood, eggs, beans)

  • Whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta)

  • Low-fat dairy (milk and its alternatives)

  • Fruits and vegetables (think orange, red, green, and purple)

You may not have to completely cut out high calorie but low nutrient foods such as junk food or sweets, simply have them in moderation or as an occasional treat. This will reward you with the benefits of eating healthy, without completely losing out on the food that you enjoy but that aren't too good for you.

An important nutrient to be aware of is fiber. This aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system to avoid problems such as constipation or diarrhea. The following are good sources of fiber:

  • fruits and vegetables

  • beans and lentils

  • nuts and seeds

  • oats and oat bran

  • whole grains

If you struggle with eating enough fiber, your doctor might suggest a supplement.

2. Yes, you don't have to swear off Convenience Food

While pre-packaged food is generally advised against, often it is much easier to have them than prepare a meal. As long as you don't eat pre-packaged food everyday, for every meal, and as long as you get food that are alike the following, then you are on your way to a healthier and stronger wellbeing.

  • frozen or low-sodium canned vegetables

  • low-sodium canned soup or stews

  • bagged salad or coleslaw mix

  • frozen unsweetened fruit or low-sugar canned fruit

  • precooked grilled turkey or rotisserie chicken

  • steamer bags of veggies in either the produce or freezer sections of grocery stores

  • instant oatmeal

Make sure to check nutrition info labels and choose the pre-packaged food that is low in sodium, added sugar, and saturated far. The more vitamins, fiber and minerals it contains, the healthier and better it is for you!

3. Drink!

Stay hydrated throughout the day! It gets harder for us to notice when our body is thirsty as we age, so constant consumption of liquids is important to keep our body healthy and strong. While plain ol' water is the first contender in ensuring hydration, juices, teas, soup and even gatorade can help in keeping your body hydrated throughout the day. Try to get a total of eight 8oz glasses of hydration each day.

With these simple tips and tricks, you're well on your way to starting a healthy lifestyle. Thus an improvement in strength, mobility and activeness will follow through and you can start feeling your very best!

Disclaimer: while the information in the article written and presented to you has been extensively researched and sourced from various trustworthy sources, Exemplary Care LLC in no way claims to be an expert, and we understand that these are just general rules that may not be the same for other people with more specific needs. Check with your nutritionist and doctor about the nutrients and diet that you need to follow to start a healthier wellbeing.

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